The many benefits of Art and Craft

Our Little Red House recently posted about the benefits of crafting. I have  grown up with art and craft from a very young age as both of my grandparents were artists and I have always enjoyed art so I thought I just have to share some other benefits that I am aware of which weren’t already mentioned.

  1. Crafting is actually relaxing and allows you to  stay in the moment.
  2. It provides you with a sense of achievement. Something if even small, you can say “I tried that” even if it doesn’t turn out.
  3.  It was mentioned that craft is good for developing children’s fine motor skills in a fun way but it is also good for adults. It exercises the fingers. Not only does it do this it also improves hand eye coordination.
  4.  If you’ve ever heard of the word neuroplasticity, well art and craft strengthens the connections in your brain and connects new connections.


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