Show your five and wear colourful gloves

It’s the middle of winter where I live, well a little less than a month of winter to go and while I much prefer this cooler weather than our sweltering hot summers, we’ve had some freezing mornings. At first I absolutely hated the idea of wearing gloves and I refused to wear them unless they looked nice. With gloves on it’s virtually impossible to feel things or use your phone, (today I accidentally ended up deleting my  entire list from my phone because I had my gloves on which were supposed to have the thumb and index finger tips made from a special material which works on phones but with the gloves on I misjudged and pushed the delete button). 😦 , they’re germy and I felt out of place and embarrassed wearing them but my fingers have been so cold that I have been forced to wear gloves.  For those of you who live with an autoimmune condition or a condition which affects your circulation you will know what I mean.                                      So when I finally set my eyes upon a set of colourful gloves I was so happy and I have actually started to wear gloves and so I decided to come up with my own initiative. We have World Coloured Socks day held in March to raise Awareness for Autism, Odd Socks Day in October to break down the stigma on mental health and stand4 socks which raises money to provide assistance in developing countries so why not have a colourful gloves day?

So what can you do to support me and this new initiative?

  1. Wear colourful gloves or black or blue if you prefer, (no by gloves I don’t mean the ones which have the fingers open, I mean full gloves), show your five  and take a photo of yourself wearing them, then share your photos on your blogs or other social media but be sure to mention the show your five and wear colourful gloves initiative and please share them with me and I will share them on my page. I am hoping to have a # link where you can post them up on Twitter in the future but for now they will just be on a gallery on my page.
  2. Spread the word of this new initiative through re-blogging this blog, blogging about it on your pages or posting it up on other social media you may use and please make sure to link your posts back to this original blog post of mine and acknowledge me as the founder of this initiative.
  3. We have fun runs, marathons and stepathons all to raise money for something or the other but not all of us are able to participate in these. Well next year I am hoping to organise something every winter where you can all wear your colourful gloves every day during winter and get people to sponsor you with 50% of funds raised going towards research of connective tissue disease and autoimmune conditions.
  4. For all the children out there who may be reading this blog,  if have children or grandchildren who go to school or if you’re a teacher you can organise a colourful gloves day at school where children bring a gold coin donation and wear colourful gloves to support people living with connective tissue disease and autoimmune conditions. You can even have a competition for who is wearing the best gloves.  You can contact me for further information on this as I have not identified  a charity for the funds to go to as yet but it will probably be different in every country. In 2019 I hope this to be a worldwide initiative.
  5. Good at knitting? Why not knit your own pair of gloves.  You could even attend a local knitting club if there is one in your area to knit gloves or organise a knitting day with your friends and put your knitting needles to a cause. You can then sell the gloves and next year I am hoping this to become an annual fundraiser for connective tissue disease and other autoimmune conditions.

I hope you will all join me in wearing colourful gloves and showing your five this winter wherever you may be,spreading the word and raising awareness for connective tissues disease and other autoimmune conditions.

7 thoughts on “Show your five and wear colourful gloves

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I wore gloves yesterday :O when it’s still technically summer in the UK and avoided the odd looks because I seem to be cold so much and my hands struggle too (ie. Raynaud’s) so gloves are wonderful and this is a great idea! Any thoughts on a specific charity you’d want to organise this for?


    • coolncreative17 says:

      I have Raynaud’s Disease too.
      NO. But it will be for some sort of charity whcih does research into Raynauds, connective tissue disease, circulatory disorders etc. Probably will be different in different countries. It’s a brand new initiative so I’m hoping it will pick up. Just not sure how to promote it as I’m not on any other social media.


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