DIY pom pom Chicks.

How cute are these pom pom Easter chicks.

Our Little Red House


Some more fun to add to your Easter baskets. A few days ago I did bunnies and now it’s time to make some chicks.


Supplies needed-

Yellow yarn, wiggle eyes or plastic doll eyes, pipe cleaners, yellow or orange felt, cardboard, scissors, glue, ribbon and lace to decorate (optional)

First you will need to make a pom pom. Trace different size lids onto cardboard to use as your templates. Draw a circle in center of your circles and cut that out. You will need two cardboard disc for each pom pom. Make a large set and a small set, One will be for the head and the other for the body of the chicks. Once you have your templates cut out and start wrapping your yarn around two discs. I wrap two to three times around each set if disc so there will be a nice thick pom pom to…

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DIY Pom Pom bunnies

Get ready for Eater with these cute Pom Pom Easter bunnies.

Our Little Red House


Something fun for you all to do with the kids while on Spring break, or any break at that matter. They have closed schools all around this world. It is so important to help keep those little ones mind occupied and not in places of worry. Try to keep their lives as normal as possible. Yeah, they know something is up, but no need to dwell on that. After 9/11 happened to keep our children (ages 2 and 4 at the time) happy we played vintage Disney (you know, Cinderella, Snow White…the good old days of Disney when Walt was around) and had the biggest birthday party for my daughter, everyone came. All us adults needed a 5 year old birthday to get back to living in happy times. I think I even face painted some of the adults faces that day. We all just needed some silliness at a…

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