Kids Flix

If you’re looking to catch the latest children’s movies, I’ve compiled a list of the latest and greatest that will be sure to keep you entertained. Unfortunately haven’t had a chance to see any of them yet, but there’s so many that I can’t even choose.

Paddington 2

If you saw Paddington and enjoyed it then Paddington 2 might be the movie for you! When a pop up book which Paddington has bought for Aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday is stolen, Paddington and the Brown family, which Paddington is now part of must find the thief and get the book back before the celebration.


By the creators of Toy Story 3 and Monsters University, it’s the latest Disney movie, Coco. Miguel is desperate to chase his dream of becoming a musician just like his idol Ernesto but with his family’s generational ban on music how will he do this? Featuring loads of music that will carry you away on a journey as, just how will this family reunion turn out?


Inspired by the book The Story of Ferdinand, Ferdinand tells the story of a bull with a big heart. Set in Spain, this movie touches on the idea that just like you can’t judge someone by their looks, you can’t judge a bull by its cover either. Perfect if you’re after an animated comedy.


If you’ve ever read the book, or even if you haven’t, this is the inspiring and touching story of Auggie Pullman, a boy born with a facial deformity. Follow his journey as he starts his first day at elementary school.  I’ve read the book and if it’s anything like the book it will be Amazing. You might want to bring some tissues along.

And finally. Last but not least…

The Nut job 2 Nutty by nature

If you want to watch some animal friends team up to save their home, similar to the first nut job movie, Sealy and his friends are back. This time to stop Oakton City’s mayor from destroying their home to build an amusement park.

Happy movie watching. If you have seen any of these movies, please feel free to comment below.

A quote to start the new year

20171201_104934 (2).jpg

I found this quote on a 2018 diary. This year instead of thinking I can’t, instead try your best to think I can. The sky is your limit. We often find ourselves saying I can’t, but have we actually tried or logically thought about whether it is something we could in fact just try? If you are always thinking you can’t then you wont be able to try anything. Of course, we can’t do everything and we must know our limits but there’s no harm in trying. If you get it wrong the first time, just get back up again and you never know, next time you might succeed. . If you think you CAN’T, you probably CAN’T but if you think you CAN, then you probably CAN even if it takes longer than expected. And if you can’t, that’s OK. We’re only human and we weren’t born to do everything