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Following Caz’s post from  InvisiblyMe a couple of weeks ago on Adult Colouring book  I was reminded of when the craze first came out almost three years ago when I first posted about it, though not in this blog and I thought I’d share the benefits of colouring in from an OT point of view which you probably never thought about and also share another one of my picks. Colouring in is is not just for children although if you are a child or have a child it is a great tool for developing fine motor skills prior to writing and colour recognition. Growing up with both of my grandparents as artists, art has always been something which relaxes me and I think this is such a wonderful therapy.

Whether you love it or hate it.

  1. It allows you to wind down and relax, especially if you choose a cool colour palette, encourages creativity and each individual movement of the pencil as you colour can be calming. Does anyone else find the sound of a freshly sharpened pencil against a clean whit paper relaxing?
  2. If you don’t think about it too much, although if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me, colouring in can be quiete tedious, it  allows you to focus on the present  moment because focusing on the page you are colouring in and the patterns distracts you from other thoughts and promotes concentration.
  3. Colouring in reduces stress and anxiety by allowing the amygdala and hypothalamus to relax. The amygdala is the part in your brain responsible for regulating emotions and the feeling of fear and the stress response.
  4. It  strengthens hand muscles and fine motor skills.
  5. It utilities both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This is particularly good for people living with neurological conditions as you can use colouring in to re-train the brain.
  6. It brings us back to memories of our childhood. Remember the smell of a fresh pack of crayons or sitting in your prep classroom not having to worry of anything?
  7.  You can do it on your own or with friends.  The next time you have an opportunity  to catch up with your friends and you don’t feel like doing something to high key, why not sit back with a warm cup of tea pr chocolate, or if it’s summer a nice cold milkshake or ice drink (with ice cream of course) and colour in. If like me you don’t have many friends don’t worry, you can do it on your own. You can even carry one along with you.
  8. You don’t have to be good at art to enjoy them and once finished them you can use them to decorate a room to brighten it up or tear them out and stick them onto your books etc.

So I did say I’d share my picks which are not already mentioned and here they are.

Colour me inspired.jpg

  • Colour Me Inspired by Kristina Webb

It contains positive quotes for each day as well as tear out cards you can colour in and give out to people.  Although I can’t seem to find the one I found in the shops three years ago which was a diary for the year with a different picture and positive quote for every day. Speaking of diary’s stay tuned for an upcoming post on the best diary’s for 2019.

You can purchase via this link on Amazon.


  • I often find myself in the art and craft aisles of $2 shops and so another awesome little colouring book I came across is The Little Book of Colouring In Bloom. Peace in Your Pocket. It’s the perfect pocket size travel colouring in book, making it ideal to carry around with you and has quotes in them like “Smiles can make even the darkest days look brighter.  Be generous with them and “Today and every day, do one small thing that makes you happy, and your happiness will grow every day.”


  • Jess Volinkski Notebook Doodles

The reason I like this series of colouring in books is because of the quotes. I am a POSITIVE person and I find the quotes in these pages to be uplifting when I’m having a bad day, my favourite one being the one in the picture, Colourful Inspirations. It contains quotes like “Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly” and “We are cups, constantly  and quietly being filled. The tip is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” – Ray Bradbury  I know you will like this one Alyssa.

Birds colour in book

  • Birds by Ben Kwok

If you’re a bird lover like me then this one is for you. It contains quotes about birds, flying and wings like “What if I fall. Oh but darling what if I fly”– Erin Hanson, “ If you want to fly you have to give up everything that weighs you down” and  You won’t know your limitations until you soar high and give it a try.”  -Virkrmn

  • And finally Good Vibes Colouring Book by Thaneeya McArdle which I am not allowed to put a picture of in my blog due to Copyright.

Now I’m not sure how to add a poll to my post so for anyone reading this you’ll have to add your answers to the bottom of the page but I’d love to know how many of you have already been doing adult colouring in and find it therapeutic and what are your thoughts on this?

And what other things do you like to  do to relax?

I hope you are able to colour your way through the day.



Pumpkin Bread Recipe

So one of you awesome bloggers once posted a recipe for pumpkin bread or cake which I had made last year and now when I have some leftover pumpkin I cannot seem to find it. It’s driving me crazy! I’m wondering if any of you might know which blogger it was and be able to link me to the recipe. Thanks. 🙂

DIY pom pom Chicks.

How cute are these pom pom Easter chicks.

Our Little Red House


Some more fun to add to your Easter baskets. A few days ago I did bunnies and now it’s time to make some chicks.


Supplies needed-

Yellow yarn, wiggle eyes or plastic doll eyes, pipe cleaners, yellow or orange felt, cardboard, scissors, glue, ribbon and lace to decorate (optional)

First you will need to make a pom pom. Trace different size lids onto cardboard to use as your templates. Draw a circle in center of your circles and cut that out. You will need two cardboard disc for each pom pom. Make a large set and a small set, One will be for the head and the other for the body of the chicks. Once you have your templates cut out and start wrapping your yarn around two discs. I wrap two to three times around each set if disc so there will be a nice thick pom pom to…

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DIY Pom Pom bunnies

Get ready for Eater with these cute Pom Pom Easter bunnies.

Our Little Red House


Something fun for you all to do with the kids while on Spring break, or any break at that matter. They have closed schools all around this world. It is so important to help keep those little ones mind occupied and not in places of worry. Try to keep their lives as normal as possible. Yeah, they know something is up, but no need to dwell on that. After 9/11 happened to keep our children (ages 2 and 4 at the time) happy we played vintage Disney (you know, Cinderella, Snow White…the good old days of Disney when Walt was around) and had the biggest birthday party for my daughter, everyone came. All us adults needed a 5 year old birthday to get back to living in happy times. I think I even face painted some of the adults faces that day. We all just needed some silliness at a…

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The Gratitude Attitude

I  know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here.                                                                  I have never set those silly New Year’s resolutions like to lose weight or eat healthy  because you can never keep them and they only place more pressure on ourselves when you can’t keep them.

Some of you might remember that last year on Australia’s National Day of Thanks I started Thankful Tuesdays so I think my goal for 2020 needs to being more thankful for the little things I have in life. It is so important to find joy in the little things in life. We often find this a very difficult thing to do but when you actually stop and take a moment to list all of the things you are thankful for there are so many. Today, firstly I am thankful for my beautiful family, I am thankful that I have survived another day and I am thankful for this New Year. What are you thankful for? I was going for a walk in the sunshine one day when I came across this message engraved in the footpath so I thought I’d share it all with you as I thought it was very cute.

Today take the time to think of three things which you are grateful for.

And remember to be kind to yourself. Cheers to a safe and Happy New Year filled with  good health and  happiness everybody!


Positively Alyssa. (2019). Starteachdaywithagratefulheart. [Image]. Retrieved from



I wanted to try something different so I went into my images, scrolled quickly, and clicked on a random picture.

This is from a book that I read a while back, one of Joyce Meyer’s.

As for me, I am a firm believer of compliments, I give them as often as possible. I believe that if you see something that could be said, that may put a smile on someone else’s face, then… why not say it? Why not brighten their day? You never know what they’ve been thru and your compliment could just provide that little support that they need in that moment.

So… go ahead… make someone else’s day better. In turn, your reward will be far better than it would if you were to hold your tonge. You get to feel good about yourself.

Being a part of the wordpress community thus far has been so rewarding. I am meeting so many positive people that give compliments often… I believe that this is why I am so hooked.

Thank-you very much for stopping by and reading my post today. I would enjoy hearing from you so please share your thoughts below.

Happy Sunday!

Christy 🙂

World Kindness Day

Today (13th November) is World Kindness Day. World Kindness Day was first created in 1998 by The World Kindness Movement and is a day dedicated towards making the world a better place through pledging an act of kindness and performing good deeds which promote this. Last year in February, on Random Acts of Kindness Day I wrote about simple random acts of kindness you can do throughout the year, which if you haven’t read you can read here  but today I’d like for you all to share with me an act of kindness which you have experienced no matter how small. You can do this either in the comments section at the bottom of this blog post or on the Allheart Australia Facebook page. I am going to end this post with a quote I really like and resonate with by Mother Teresa because every time I am having a bad day I remind myself of all of the nice, encouraging things people have said to me over the years, ” “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Happy World Kindness Day everyone! I hope that you all experience some act of kindness either today or at some stage during your life.

Happy International Friendship Day

Just a quick blog to say Happy International Friendship Day to all of my friends!

Over the past year through the online blogging world I have been lucky enough to meet many people from around the world. Although I don’t have many friends in real life I am lucky enough to have my sister as my best friend.

So today on International Friendship Day give your friend a huge hug to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Happy World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is celebrated internationally on the 7th of July. Today is World Chocolate Day and to celebrate of course I ate chocolate. If your’e a chocoholic like me you know what I mean when I say once the box is in front of me, I can’t help but have more than one. Chocolate also has many benefits like releasing the feel good hormone dopamine and if you eat dark chocolate  it  also has health benefits.

Chocolate can be had in so many ways, on it’s own or in cakes (chocolate mud cake….mmmmm), brownies or deserts.

Anyway, how did you celebrate World Chocolate Day and do you have any favourite ways to eat chocolate or are there any chocolate recipes you’d like to share?  I’d love to know.  Happy World Cholate Day everyone! I’m off to go eat some chocolate.

International Hamburger Day

Today (28th May) is International Hamburger Day.

I don’t know about you but I know I love biting into a good burger and having all of the sauce come dripping out. There are many different types of burgers from traditional hamburgers to which today is all about to cheeseburgers and chicken burgers and even the more healthy veggie burgers. I’d love to know which type of burger is your favourite?                                                                                                                                              How will you be celebrating International Hamburger Day? I know I’ll be having a burger for dinner. if you’re looking for a burger recipe Dandelion B has already beat me to it here Happy International Hamburger Day!