I wanted to try something different so I went into my images, scrolled quickly, and clicked on a random picture.

This is from a book that I read a while back, one of Joyce Meyer’s.

As for me, I am a firm believer of compliments, I give them as often as possible. I believe that if you see something that could be said, that may put a smile on someone else’s face, then… why not say it? Why not brighten their day? You never know what they’ve been thru and your compliment could just provide that little support that they need in that moment.

So… go ahead… make someone else’s day better. In turn, your reward will be far better than it would if you were to hold your tonge. You get to feel good about yourself.

Being a part of the wordpress community thus far has been so rewarding. I am meeting so many positive people that give compliments often… I believe that this is why I am so hooked.

Thank-you very much for stopping by and reading my post today. I would enjoy hearing from you so please share your thoughts below.

Happy Sunday!

Christy 🙂

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