Launch of a new website

A couple of weeks ago I posted about choosing a host to go with for my new website. Some of you may have read the news that I decided to go self hosted with Bluehost but on a WordPress plan. And I have some exciting news. My new website is finally up and running. And the name is., drumroll………………… AllheART.
AllheART is is a website about raising awareness for chronic conditiosn through art.  I wanted to create soemthing where I could use my artistic talents to help others and turn my experiences of living with multiple chronic illnesses into something positive. AllheART aims to provide positive experiences for people of all ages living with a chronic condition and/or physical disability so they can be themselves, have fun and forget about their illness for a little while as well as  raise awareness and funds through art.

So if you haven’t visited my website yet please follow me and check it out at

and follow me on Twitter @ArtAllhe

The follow and like buttons are not yet up and running, I still haev to figure that out but in the meantime you can still follow me by going into your reader, clicking on manage followed sites and copy pasting the link to my website into there and clicking follow. Of course I will still be blogging on Coolncreative from time to time so you can still follow me on there but you might like to see what I’m up to in the art world too.

And if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas pressie, why not visit my new online store at If you don’t live in Australia you will have to contact me for shipping costs as the prices which are up include shipping but are for within Australia. Thank you to all of my followers who helped me choose a host to go with and supported me during the process although website makingis a lot more challenging than I thought. Who said it was easy.  I hope you will continue to follow me at

21 thoughts on “Launch of a new website

    • Coolncreative17 says:

      Thank you. I’m glad you like the name. I am still trying to figure out little things like adding the like and follow buttons and trying to get the hang of social media and how to link it all but other than that it’s up and running.

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    • Coolncreative17 says:

      Thank you. I’m glad you like my logo. i designed it myself with a little help from my Mum. I hand painted it to make it authentic. The like and follow buttons on my page are still missing but you can still follow me by copy pasting the link into your followed sites.


    • Coolncreative17 says:

      Thank you for your comment. i really hope you like it. I created it from the heart, hence the name AllheART. Still trying to figure out the like and comment buttons as to follow me you currently have to copy paste the link of my website into your followed sites on the left side of WordPress. AlsoI need some help woth using FB and twitter.


    • Coolncreative17 says:

      Thank you. I really hope you like it and will continue to follow me. I chose the name because I create all of my artworks and awareness merch with love. You can read more about my story under the About tab and the AllheART story at


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