Choosing a host to go with

As some of you may already be aware I am in the process of hopefully creating a new website.Now the thing that is stressing me out is what host to go with and what domain name to choose. So many options. I am currently with WordPress and don’t really want to leave as I have met so many wonderful bloggers this year and I want you all to continue to follow me but I am unsure of whether to stay under the same name or create a new website all together. If I keep the same name everyone who already follows me will still be able to see my new posts and continue following me but I will lose all of my likes 😦 and may also lose all my comments (hopefully not). If I make the decision to be self hosted I have been recommended Blue host but I’m not sure how I bring a domain name with me since I live in Australia and therefore the website will be either or  The new website will be art based. So do I keep my old name or go with a new one? Stay with WordPress and upgrade thsi website to a paid plan or switch over to Bluehost. Any advice would be much appreciated.

9 thoughts on “Choosing a host to go with

  1. roseelaineblog says:

    I’ve always stuck with a WordPress account, like you say you can change your site name and not lose followers. WordPress also offer great free templates which actually show you how your posts would look on various sites. When I first joined WordPress I had no idea how to set up my site. Like painting I just had to keep trying until I got things the way I wanted them 🙂


  2. Invisibly Me says:

    Hmm a tricky one.When I first moved to self-hosted I wanted to keep the small amount of followers I had at the time and cause minimal disruption, so I stuck with WordPress and am glad about it and the same name, just moving to .com, but I wasn’t bothered about whether it was .org or whatever else.

    One I’ve used previously, which may be suitable in Australia (but don’t hold me to that) is TSO Host – I used them before for their sign up offer and thought they were great, made the switch easier and offered the best price – You can use this for 10% off if it works where you are

    It depends what YOU want for when you move to self-hosted really. It’s your space. 🙂
    Caz xx


  3. craftschronicillnessandadulting says:

    Wishing you all the best in your transition. I know from watching others it’s a big process! I think if I were trying to decide I would look through all my posts and see what I was talking about most, because the name will help reach out to the most appropriate audience. And while you want to bring over who you currently have, there may be many more waiting in the wings. 🙂


    • coolncreative17 says:

      Well Coolncreative was originally supposed to be a blog for children, adults with children and adults who like me are children at heart with information on all the latest children’s movies, books, games etc but over the past year it seems to have changed and seems to be a bit of everything really. My new website is going to be art based though so it’s a hard decision as to whether to keep the name or keep this one going and start fresh.

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  4. Betty Jo/ The Journey says:

    Hi!! I would Personally say Pray on it and wait to hear the answer. I pray that what you choose I Pray for the Best for you. You are Gifted and it’s a Blessing to use what He has given you, and what direction for you to go in His Name. ((Hugs))

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  5. coolncreative17 says:

    Thank you to everyone who commented on this and helped me finally make a decision… to start a fresh new website with a brand new name and online store hosted by Bluhost. It’s all a bit of a bit of a mess at the moment so please be patient with me but I will release details of the name in the coming week and hope to see you all following me.


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