Today is World Heart Day

Today (29th September) is World Heart Day. I know this is not exactly creative but I would like to share some simple things you can do not just on world heart day but everyday to look after your heart.

For those of you who don’t know, World Heart Day is an international day where everyone is invited and encouraged to make a promise to live a healthier lifestyle to prevent heart disease.

1.Eat healthy. Try to eat fruit and vegetables every day, cut down on excessive salt, that means not adding extra salt to your food and eat less sugary foods and remember to drink water rather than sweet, sugary drinks. Why not try cooking your own healthy meal. That will tick of number 1 and number 4 from this list.

2. Be active. Just 30 minutes of physical activity day has been shown to reduce your risk of heart disease. it doesn’t have to be intense, vigorous activity like running or climbing stairs (I know I can’t do either of those things), but walking is actually the best way to look after your heart.

3. QUIT smoking. This one is only for if you are a smoker. Smoking just one cigarette per day doubles your risk of heart disease.

and most importantly

4. Remember to look after your whole body. Yes, that means not just your physical health but your mental health as well. Make sure you take time out of your day to participate in at least one leisure activity whether it be reading a book before bed, going for a walk, doing some colouring in or listening to music.

What do you do to look after your heart?

For more information and ways you can look after your heart visit

Happy World Heart Day everyone!

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