Midweek Motivation

Last week (3-9th) September was National Stroke Awareness Week  and I was fortunate enough to attend a forum where I learnt many interesting things and met so many brave Stroke survivors and carers. I only wish there was one out there in my country for my conditions where I could meet people like me. One of the presenters who really stood out to me was a mother whose daughter suffered a stroke when in utero and whose presentation brought me to tears, included this quote in their presentation by Erin Hanson. Today is an extremely difficult day for me  and I will need all the support, love, positivity and encouragement I can get and so I just wanted to share this quote with you all. I think this quote speaks for itself.

What if I fall Oh but darling what if I fly

We all have  bad days where we feel like giving up and falling feels like the only option but what if we could all fly? Often we just go straight to the negative and rather than thinking about all the good what ifs like what if today is going to actually be a good day?  What if we in fact don’t fail but have fun? What if something good is actually going to happen?  We think of all of the things that could possibly go wrong. No matter how small our achievements are, take the time to celebrate every small step. And remember even if we do fall, we are only human and we can pick up the pieces, get back up again and try again. We can’t leap before we take a step and we can’t fly before we leap. Think I CAN do this.

Please keep me in your thoughts. Xx


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