NEW Unicorn Golden Gaytime Ice cream

For all you unicorn lovers out there. Introducing… Golden Gay time unicorn ice cream.

Looks ugly and not very special or much different to a normal Golden Gaytime on theoutside . But tastes much better than a Golden Gaytime.  Golden Gaytime unicorn icecreamUnicorn icecream


3 thoughts on “NEW Unicorn Golden Gaytime Ice cream

    • coolncreative17 says:

      Golden Gaytime is an ice cream which we get in Australia. I’m not sure if they sell them in other countries.The outer layer is crunchy biscuit pieces. The original Golden Gaytime ice cream is toffee and vanilla flavoured ice cream dipped in chocolate with a biscuit crumb outer layer and doesn’t look as odd. I’ve only ever tried one once but the unicorn ones are toffee flavoured ice cream and they’ve coloured the biscuits pink. 🙂

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