Minion Madness

Minion                                                                    They’re the cute little yellow creatures with their own language that children (and adults who are children at heart) seem to have fallen in love with.

With Despicable Me 3 out in cinemas, if you haven’t already seen the Minion movie I’ll tell you a little bit about it, and try not to give away the ending.

The Minion movie is the story of how those little minions got to be Grew’s little assistants. It is set before the first two Despicable Me 2 movies and takes us on a journey as the Minions go on a mission to find the perfect villain to work for. They have many unsuccessful attempts, until Kevin comes up with a plan to find a new evil boss to work for with the help of his friends, and eventually bring them all back with him to work together. At first nobody wants to stand up to the challenge, except for Bob, who Kevin finally allows to come with him, and Stuart is picked out.  The Minions travel everywhere, even to Australia, until they finally find themselves under the power of the evil Scarlett Overkill.  They try to steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown using various spy gadgets including a hypno hat… if you want to know whether they are successful and how they find Grew you’ll have to see it for yourself.  I highly recommend it. 🙂

In case you’re wondering what exactly the minions are saying, well they have their own language. Here are some of the key phrases:                                                                                   Bello- Hello

Poopaye- Goodbye

Tank Yu- Thank you

Underwear- I swear
Bananas or me want banana- I’m hungry
Popoi- Toy

I love you- Tulaliloo ti Amo!

Para tu- for you

Poka- what

I don’t think there’s a better way to end this blog but with Banana!

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