If you enjoy children’s movies and love music, then this is a must see. It’s not only funny, don’t worry, I won’t spoil the jokes, but also full of music and will appeal to both children and the child at heart (adults).  When Koala, Buster Moon finds his father’s grand theatre in strife he must do something to save it. So he decides to hold an open audition. Everyone including Rosita the pig, Ash the porcupine, Johnny the gorilla and Mike the Mouse compete for the grand price of $100 000.                                                                                                 But  will Buster Moon be able to save his grand theatre, and who will win?

Full of all the hits including Shake It Off, Firework, I’m Still Standing, Under Pressure, My Way and Hallelujah, get ready  to sing your heart out!  And don’t let fear stop you from doing what you love.”

 Rating:  4/5

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