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I know this may be a little late, but it’s better now than never. I haven’t had a chance to actually go and see all of these movies but there are plenty of children’s movies out these summer holidays (well summer holidays in Australia). Here’s a list I’ve compiled of some of the latest ones I’ve heard about.

The Trolls movie
You’ve seen their cute coloured hair, you’ve heard the hit song from the soundtrack, Can’t Stop the Feeling, now it’s time to check it out. This is a movie filled with music, featuring not only Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling, but also Sound of Silence, True Colours, and many more originals. Full of fun and adventure, find your happy place this school holidays.

Featuring  new songs, How I’ll Go, and I am Moana, Disney’s first Polynesian princess  sets off on an adventure across the pacific ocean  to finish her ancestor’s quest. If you love Disney movies then this might be your pick.


Buster the Koala decides to host a singing competition in order to save his theatre. Featuring well known songs including Hallelujah, Under Pressure, Shake it Off and I’m Still Standing, you’ll leave the cinema singing your way through the day.


Orphan, Félicie Milliner, leaves her rural hometown to go to Paris in order to chase her dream of becoming a ballerina.  Featuring songs performed by Demi Levato, this is a movie about chasing your dreams. Ballerina dances into cinemas on January 12th.

Red Dog True Blue
Sequel to Red Dog, If you like dogs, and you’ve seen the first Red Dog movie then this might be the film for you.

Monster Trucks

And one for the boys. In this movie, Tripp, creates a Monster Truck out of recycled materials from old cars.

But don’t worry if you miss any of these movies at the cinemas, they’ll soon be out on DVD.




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